On reflection, how has your first year been at SSG working within the Subsurface Global team?

“My first year at SSG has honesty flown by! I was excited to start my first full time job after graduating university, but I was also nervous about joining an industry that I knew nothing about. It took me a while to build up the knowledge to speak confidently about the industry to clients and candidates. It was, however, nice to join the industry at the point when it was picking up after what I was told was a long and difficult downturn. My first placement came after a few months in the job, I placed a Consultant Geologist with an operator in Aberdeen. After this, I grew in confidence and more interviews and deals followed. I feel that Q2 has been my most successful three months to date. It has been exciting making my first staff placements in Abu Dhabi and I look forward to travelling out there soon to meet with clients and further get to grips with the industry in the UAE”.

What has been some of the highlights working at SSG?

“One of the aspects that I enjoy most about the job is the challenge of finding the best candidates for a specific job. Being given the task of putting together a shortlist for a particularly hard to fill job is motivational, and the sense of achievement when you place a candidate in that job is huge. Helping our clients find the best people for a job proves to be highly rewarding and the relationships and connections that you make through the recruitment process is a real highlight of working at SSG.

Working in a small, close knit team definitively suits my working style. It has also been great to take responsibility for the Geoscience area of the business, as it has allowed me to build new relationships with key clients and candidates”.

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of the job?

“From the outset, my area of focus has been Geoscience, a discipline that I had no in-depth knowledge of before starting the job. It was initially nerve-wracking talking to clients and candidates about this discipline, however as my knowledge of this area grew, so did my confidence. I feel that the next challenge for me will be to keep building on my initial client and candidate base. I think that in this job it is important to not get complacent, you need to consistently make introductions to new companies and candidates in order to bring on more work and be successful”

In terms of future growth, where do you see SSG being in the next five years?

“In terms of growth, I think that in the coming year Subsurface Global will start to do more work in new regions, outside of our UK and UAE core areas. In the past few months, we have started working with a company based in Norway and I aim to continue to develop the client and candidate base in the rest of Europe. In the coming years, I hope to continue building on my initial successes at SSG and help the company grow and expand into new regions and markets

Corporate photo taken for SSG Group – Edinburgh, in June 2019

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