Top 5 – Edinburgh Festival 2015

Top 5 - Edinburgh Festival 2015

Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital. A unique and vibrant city, steeped in history. Arguably a cultural centre and one of the most exciting places to visit and live within the whole of the United Kingdom.

As I sit here writing this article from Subsurface Global’s board room table, looking out onto Edinburgh castle, it makes my hairs stand on edge, it is simply stunning.

Mark Smith – SSG Boardroom

The oil industry within Scotland is one of the major contributors towards our overall economic output. Historically, since oil production began in the North Sea, vast wealth and jobs have been created across the country, raising taxes and stimulating both Scotland and the UK’s wider economy.

It is clear that the industry is in trouble at present. The maturity of the North Sea basin coupled with rising capital and operational expenditure costs, does not paint a pretty picture, however, this article is to focus on a smaller hidden gem within Scotland’s oil industry. Edinburgh.

Here in Scotland, It is widely recognised that Aberdeen is one of the largest oil hubs in the world. London, also has a thriving oil community that expands across all of the exploration and production remit, yet Edinburgh, although not internationally recognised as an oil hub, has some very exciting and interesting operator and service companies at its heart.

Here in Scotland’s capital we have four oil operators that have enjoyed global exploration success stories. We have the larger FTSE listed Cairn Energy that has excelled in global exploration with major discoveries in India and most recently in West Africa.

In addition, there are smaller exploration focused operators, Bowleven Oil and Gas, Trinity Oil and Petroceltic, all are currently listed on the AIM market. Over the past decade all have enjoyed exploration success stories with major discoveries across North and West Africa, and further afield within the Caribbean.

Out with the oil operators, Edinburgh is also host to a variety of service companies. There are a vast number of consulting and staffing businesses, specialist upstream subsurface consulting firms as well as major software developers. Oh, and we are also home to the world renowned Petroleum Engineering department at Heriot-Watt university.

The city is well placed as a compromise between the ever saturated Aberdeen and the fast paced, hustle and bustle lifestyle of London.

Edinburgh offers many wonderful things for people looking to build a life here. The history, the culture, the ability to commute efficiently and additionally, you have some of the most scenic countryside anywhere in the world on your doorstep, only a few miles from the heart of the city. It really is an idyllic place to live.

As part of the cultural vibe, during the month of August, thousands of tourists descend upon the capital to soak up the atmosphere and take in some shows at the ever growing and arguably world renowned, Edinburgh Festival. This is another treasure the city is home to.

The festival is an opportunity for the arts to express themselves. Acts travel from all over the world to revel in the fun. Theatre shows, comedians, street performers, singers, dancers and lady boys all make their way to the Scottish capital for a month of fun to show their imagination, creativity and individuality.

If you are travelling to Edinburgh during the month of August and have some free time then here are my top 5 things to see and do during the Edinburgh festival:

Number 1: The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

If you ever wanted to visit Scotland to explore our national heritage all in one place, then look no further. Kilts, Bagpipes, military marches, an ancient castle full of history, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has it all. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the capital and globally the televised shows reach out to over 100 million viewers, in 40 countries worldwide. Now that’s impressive!

Number 2: The Underbelly

With the Edinburgh fringe being reputedly the largest arts festival in the world, the sheer volume of acts and infrastructure involved in supporting them is partially credited to the work of “the Underbelly”. The Underbelly is a UK-based live entertainment company that runs a large number of the acts and shows present at the Edinburgh festival. Additionally, they support other events across the country. Founded in 2000 to operate one venue at the Edinburgh Festival, Underbelly has grown to include the Udderbelly and London Wonderground festivals in London, Udderbelly Festival in Hong Kong, The Comedy Hullabaloo in Stratford-Upon-Avon, as well as an ever-growing programme in Edinburgh. Here you can find an array of aspiring talent emerging, from live comedy acts to creative shows that will accommodate to a wide variety of expectations.

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